Set your mobile app settings

AppMyWeb offers you accurate settings of apps functions and design. You can test our application in real time on Apple iPhone 12 and Android Google Pixel 4 smartphones before starting your building

Main info

In this section, we set the basic apps configuration and choose which native devices APIs our application uses. For example, you can use the device’s geolocation, microphone, and camera. You can set not only the name and the link, but also some other data:

APP ID — is apps unique identifier You should use the reverse your website’s domain spelling scheme, because this is important for SEO. For example, if our website address is, the identifier looks like this — Be careful, after you publish your app, you will never be able to change the App ID.

Screen orientation — apps display orientation. You can use system orientation, portrait or landscape.

App language — apps language. It will be shown on the page in the AppStore.

User agent — A special title that the user will transfer to your website while working with the application. This may be very useful in case you need to collect statistics or special user scenarios.

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