What is PUSH Notification?

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PUSH Notification is the sending of short pop-up notifications that are available on the screen of a mobile device.

You can send mailings to the user base of your application on the Android and iOS platforms (after moderation). The message header, message text, your application icon and an additional image attachment are attached to the newsletter (attachment is available only for Android).

How much does a PUSH Notifications cost?

Thanks to deep integration with Google Firebase, we are pleased to offer you free native PUSH Notification with no limit .

Unlike other similar services, we use native, not web-based mailing technologies, so we can offer simple and affordable communication channels.

How to track the conversion of PUSH Notifications?

For applications that have active subscribers and a mailing history, it is possible to view the history.

To view the history of mailings, go to your Personal Account – ” My Applications “, select the application by clicking the “PUSH mailing” button. You will see the mailing history. Click on the “Details” button to view the mailing details:

  • Number of successfully and unsuccessfully delivered messages per platform
  • Number of clicks on a post
  • Saved copy of the message
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