Creating an new app

I hope you`ve already made a AppMyWeb account, if not, you can do it right here

Click the green plus button in the upper left corner and fill this form.

Create new app screen mockup

App name — This is the name of your web app. It will appear under the app icon on your smartphone screen..

Link to your website — type in the full website link, including https protocol.

Theme color —This is the primary color for web apps. Use the color of your brand. This color will be used for elements such as upper apps bar. This can be changed in the future.

Title color — this is the color of the text in navigation bar. For example, if you use black as main color, the color of the text should be light. Or in the opposite way.

Layout template — this is your app template. It`s one of the most amazing Flangapp options. You can use 4 templates for your app design to make the final interface match Material for Android and Cupertino style for iOS.

layout template

Tab template — this is popular template, where you can create some tabs in the bottom of your screen and put your unique page. This type of template use Instagram and Facebook apps. It is convenient for all sites, which have complicated navigation hierarchy and routes.

Drawer template — helps to create sections with the link to the website pages in the side slide menu. This type of template is used in Gmail app, for example.

Bar template — apps panel for your website will be added above. In this panel you can add buttons bar, for example for «Share» or for switching on modal menu.

Blank template — tis just your website and nothing more. This template is perfect for websites, which have good mobile version inside. Also it`s perfect for HTML 5 games.

You can choose any template you like and create your own app. Click «Create» we move your apps settings.

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