Set the Push notification settings

You can create and manage sending PUSH-notifications based on your user base by providing your OneSignal API key. AppMyWeb allows you to send notifications directly through your AppMyWeb account or through the OneSignal interface.

You will be able to add images to your messages, change the color of the Android devices indicator and get users IDs for sending messages through the API. It is hard to believe that these complicated and useful functions are absolutely free for all subscribers.

Let’s set up our mailing system.

Go to, create an account, and add a new app.

For the next step, we will need the Firebase Server Key and Firebase Sender ID.You can quickly get it for free in the Firebase management console at — create a new project (or select an existing one), go to the Project Settings section.

Go to the Cloud Messaging tab and copy your Firebase Server Key and Firebase Sender ID. Go back to OneSignal and paste the required keys into the form.
If you did everything correct, you will proceed to the next step — SDK selection. You need to interrupt the configuration process — we`ve already created applications and we do not need to configure the mailing in the code — AppMyWeb will do it.
Go to the OneSignal app list, select the app you`ve just created, go to settings and copy the OneSignal APP ID and Rest API key.
Paste copied keys into the AppMyWeb app settings form and activate the mailing connection switcher, as shown in the screenshot below:
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This is a staging enviroment