Set the navigation settings

Here you can set the navigation in your app, which works closely with your website and app template wrapper, one of the most important sections .

Main navigation — this is the main navigation of your app. It is displayed as tabs or as s form of a Drawer menu. It depends on the selected template type.

Bar buttons — buttons which are displayed in the upper right corner of the apps bar. Buttons, as other navigation items, can do

  • open the page inside the app
  • open the page externally, using browser
  • open the modal page “Share link”
  • make a phone call
  • send an email
  • open modal navigation menu

You can choose an action for each navigation item, as shown in the screenshot below:

I`ve started making an app for AppMyWeb and I ended up with this navigation structure:

Isn`t it amazing? I`ve added native navigation to the app in just a few minutes! There are no restrictions on adding menu items.
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This is a staging enviroment